Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Veoh Networks Develops P2P IPTV Peercasting Network

Veoh Networks, a start-up based in San Diego, announced its "VeohNet" protocol that will form the basis of a forthcoming video transport system "that significantly surpasses the capabilities of existing peer to peer (P2P) systems in effectively distributing high-quality video."

Veoh Networks intends to launch the first Internet Television Peercasting Network in the coming weeks. The company said its system will be built with copyright holder's interests in mind, providing DMCA compliance, unlike traditional P2P systems that do not take this into account and enable the rampant piracy of intellectual property. VeohNet will also use advanced firewall traversal technology that will not require users to open specific ports on their firewalls.

Veoh software, installed on consumers' PCs or Macs, creates a virtual television network that is able to distribute TV-quality, full-screen broadcast video to hundreds of millions of users with broadband Internet connections. The company hopes motion picture studios, television networks, organizations and individuals will publish unlimited amounts of broadcast video content to the network, providing consumers with unparalleled choice in television programming and control over their viewing experience.

A beta version of Veoh's software and service will be available later this month.

Veoh Networks was founded by Dmitry Shapiro, who is credited with creating P2P security software used by more than one million enterprise users today to manage and regulate applications like BitTorrent and Grokster. Its engineering team is led by Dr. Ted Dunning, who was previously the chief scientist at Musicmatch (now a division of Yahoo! Music), IDAnalytics and Aptex (an HNC company).

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