Monday, August 1, 2005

Vapps Adds Customized Call Flow Capabilities

Vapps, a supplier of audio conferencing systems, has enhanced its Conference Bridge 1000 (CB1000) platform allowing conference service providers, broadband service providers and telcos to tailor voice conferencing sessions on a customer by customer basis. The platform now provides unique message greetings and call flows for each individual phone number and incorporates new web-based call control features.

The Vapps CB1000 is a SIP-enabled, carrier-grade conferencing platform that delivers reservation-less conference calls on both legacy and IP-based telecom systems. The product supports up to 18,000 total conference participants in multiple simultaneous conferences, with the ability to scale on a card-by-card basis.

Using the CB1000's web-based call control capabilities, telcos and broadband service providers can create any combination of call management features, such as lists, mute, and other standard attributes, and then make them available to customers via a web portal that customers can access and manage themselves. Instant availability of recorded conferences is also available by web or phone access. By offering these capabilities, providers can create tiered service offerings; upgrade incentives, and other marketing programs to enhance revenues.

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