Sunday, August 7, 2005

UTStarcom Supplies IPTV in Brazil

UTStarcom has provided its mVision IPTV solution to Telemar for a recently completed trial of triple play services in Brazil. Telemar currently delivers 15 million fixed lines of telephony service, 8.1 million cellular lines and almost 700,000 Internet lines to the Brazilian market.

The trial used UTStarcom's mVision IPTV solution to serve approximately 2,000 users. The system features a Network Personal Video Recorder (nPVR), enabling the viewer to access a virtually unlimited amount of digitally recorded and stored content, while also pausing, fast forwarding and rewinding live broadcast television. UTStarcom and its integrator, Promon, are making their Rio de Janeiro-based teams available to Telemar. The project could be commercially accessible to subscribers by 2006.

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