Monday, August 8, 2005

UK's PlusNet Deploys Ellacoya's IP Switches

PlusNet, a leading ISP based in the UK, has deployed Ellacoya Networks' e30 IP switches and centralized Service Logic Software (SLS) system-wide to dynamically manage bandwidth, enabling a range of speed and application-based service plans. The equipment, which was deployed in the PlusNet network by Imtech Telecom, Ellacoya's integration and support partner in Europe, integrates into PlusNet's access network architecture upstream from Broadband Remote Access Systems (BRAS).

Ellacoya's e30 identifies all subscriber and application usage, and provides PlusNet with granular Web-based reports and control. PlusNet offers several Internet plans ranging from a lower priced offering for light users primarily using Web and e-mail applications, to a higher-priced offering for subscribers using higher bandwidth applications and requiring more speed.

During peak hours, the more vigorous high bandwidth applications such as P2P may be speed limited, while mainstream e-mail and Web traffic are prioritized; traffic during non-peak hours runs at optimal speed. Each offer is defined centrally in the Service Logic Software, Ellacoya's management platform, as a group of policies that track, measure and manage the various traffic types based on time-of-day. Once a subscriber logs on, his profile is downloaded to the e30 IP switch, policies are enforced and traffic is treated accordingly, based on the subscriber's service plan.

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