Sunday, August 14, 2005

Ubicom Develops Broadband Uplink Accelerator

Ubicom announced technology for building low-cost retail device designed to significantly improve broadband uplinks, thereby enhancing online gaming, VoIP and file sharing. The Ubicom technology initially will be available in retail devices from D-Link and Hawking Technology.

The Ubicom Network Accelerator improves performance and quality through the following capabilities:

  • Analyzes and automatically identifies delay-sensitive traffic

  • Dynamically prioritizes delay-sensitive traffic ahead of normal traffic

  • Limits uplink delay by controlling packet sizes

  • Shapes uplink traffic speed to match WAN link

Ubicom said its Network Accelerator helps resolve issues that are caused in most part by applications competing for the small amount of uplink bandwidth provided by cable or xDSL modems. In testing, Ubicom has demonstrated that this phenomenon can reduce voice quality by a factor of four and destroy the effectiveness of an online game player by up to three times.

Specifically, Ubicom's StreamEngine technology uses an "Intelligent Stream Handling" algorithm that automatically manages the flow of traffic going to the Internet, without the need for user configuration. In addition, Intelligent Stream Handling minimizes the impact of large-packet, lower-priority traffic on latency-sensitive traffic, and eliminates delays caused by DSL or cable modem connections.

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