Tuesday, August 9, 2005

T-Com Targets Fixed/Mobile Convergence with Alcatel

T-Com, the fixed-network unit of Deutsche Telekom, is developing a new Switch&Profit service that will enable calls to be forwarded between the fixed line and mobile networks. The service is based on the Alcatel 8690 Open Services Platform (OSP).

For T-Com's subscribers, the Switch&Profit service offers a number of convenience and cost savings advantages. When a subscriber is at home or in the office, fixed line calls placed to their mobile phones will automatically be forwarded to their fixed line. When a subscriber leaves their home or office, they can disable the forwarding feature with a simple toll-free call to T-Com. For each forwarded minute, T-Com credits their telephone bills 2.59 EUR cents. This corresponds to up to 1.5 free minutes of calling time and applies to their fixed Home lines. Callers pay the same connection charges as they would for a call to the cellular network.

For T-Com, the Switch and Profit service allows them to recapture some of the traffic that would otherwise be lost to the mobile operator.

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