Monday, August 22, 2005

Sprint Launches Web-based Precision Locator Application

Sprint launched a web-based application that enables small and large businesses track fleets and mobile workers through their mobile device without additional GPS equipment. The Sprint Precision Locator service allows the user to:

  • Access interactive maps with full panning and zooming capabilities to easily locate a worker or group of workers without interrupting field productivity

  • Set schedules and have the application identify the location of a mobile device or group of mobile devices to ensure specific tasks are performed at designated times

  • Create landmarks on maps that are important to the business, such as offices and warehouses, and track if an employee leaves or enters established landmarks

  • Use reporting functionality to track mobile workforce location history to determine where efficiencies can be gained

  • Use text messaging feature to reach a mobile worker or group of workers

  • Service is consolidated to a single bill with a monthly fee per user. The service can locate each mobile device up to 1,000 times per month, determine if a device is on or off up to 100 times per month, and send up to 50 SMS messages from the application to a mobile worker per month.

The location tool combines Sprint Business Mobility Framework capabilities with the application development expertise of WaveMarket, which provides carrier-grade location-based services. Sprint Precision Locator also makes use of WaveMarket's WaveAlert technology, tracking software and Microsoft MapPoint Web Service platform.

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