Monday, August 15, 2005

Speakeasy Deploys Juniper Routers for Bonded T1 Service

Speakeasy, an independent broadband services company, has deployed Juniper Networks E- and M-series routing platforms to introduce a new, market leading Bonded T1 service and to support its entire portfolio of broadband services.

Speakeasy operates a private, national fiber optic network -- based on Juniper Networks routing platforms -- to provide high bandwidth, low latency connections with an unparalleled degree of security protection.

Speakeasy's new Bonded T1 service enables business customers to combine multiple T1s and add or remove circuits as their bandwidth needs change.

Additionally, Speakeasy is using Juniper's E-series routers to support its VoIP service, and to aggregate traffic, apply Quality of Service policies and provide simple online customer management tools. The M-series are deployed in Speakeasy's central sites. Financial terms were not disclosed.

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