Thursday, August 11, 2005

Siemens Foresees Transport Capacity Gains Enabled by GMPLS

Siemens predicts that future transport networks will be able to transfer up to 30% more data than at present simply through better capacity utilization enabled by GMPLS. The increased efficiency of transport networks is possible thanks to intelligent software, which utilizes possible synergies in the installation of standby capacities to create a safety buffer against supply system outages. This enable operators to use network capacity to a greater extent with the same costs,.

Software being developed by Siemens uses GMPLS protocols to enable individual transport network elements to intercommunicate automatically via the data path. In the future, this will enable new transport layer connections to be established in the same way as today at the IP level. Siemens and its partner Sycamore Networks already offers a first GMPLS solution.

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