Sunday, August 28, 2005

ShoreTel Unveils 6th Generation IP PBX

ShoreTel unveiled the sixth generation of its distributed IP PBX voice solution, featuring a new Office Anywhere capability that supports mobile users irrespective of their location and the device they are using at the moment. ShoreTel is also enhancing its management and integration capabilities with integrated software distribution, media encryption, on-net dialing, and increased support of international operations. ShoreTel has also delivered two new telephone devices, a low-end IP phone and a 24-button programmable button box for operators and assistants.

The Office Anywhere feature makes its easier to contact mobile workers with only one phone number via the ShoreTel PBX . An employee's work identity and profile can be put on any device, including cell phones and PDAs, which eliminates the need for multiple phone numbers and voicemail accounts.

A native SIP interface in ShoreTel 6 allows the system to be expanded beyond what ShoreTel offers, such as using a Polycom conference phone or integrating with other phone systems. ShoreTel 6 is also supporting SIP-based WiFi phones. The SIP interface will also support residential access devices for teleworking, domestic and international trunking services, and BRI gateways.

The ShorePhone IP110 is an entry-level IP phone that can be used as a desktop device but is particularly suited to dorm rooms and open areas such as break rooms, hallways, and classrooms. It includes an Ethernet switch with PoE support, can be used as a one-way intercom, and has an optional wall-mount kit. There are six hard keys (transfer, conference, intercom, redial, voice mail, and hold), and a 1-line, 16-character LCD display.

The ShorePhone BB24 includes an Ethernet switch with PoE and supports power forwarding for one downstream device. It works in conjunction with the ShorePhone IP530 or IP560; up to four units can be daisy-chained together. It features 24 programmable multi-color buttons that also provide presence information about the monitored users. Up to six characters per button are displayed on the device's backlit LCD display.

ShoreTel 6 and the new ShoreTel handsets will be available in September. New ShoreTel 6 systems typically range from $650 to $850 per user, depending on configuration. Existing customers with support agreements receive this system upgrade at no cost. The suggested retail price for additional language packs is $995. The ShoreTel IP110 phone lists for $149, and the ShoreTel BB24 button box lists for $349.

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