Sunday, August 14, 2005

sentitO Enhances its ONX VoIP Switching Architecture

sentitO Networks has enhanced its ONX VoIP switching and service delivery architecture with a new set of carrier-grade SIP service, security, and routing capabilities. The platform's standards-based approach uses the emerging IMS architecture to transparently synchronize the transport, signaling, and open application layers.

Key enhancements for ONX System 3 include:

SECURITY: The ONX System 3 SIP implementation provides carriers full "citizenship" by protecting the integrity of their VoIP subscribers and network interconnections. Integrated into the IVG are new ACL (Access Control List) and rate limiting capabilities for secure network transport and call handling, and the prevention of Denial of Service (DoS) and Spam over Internet Telephony (SPIT) attacks. The solution forms a control plane that enables service delivery from multiple sources while providing pinhole and firewall protection to help maintain the integrity of bearer, signaling and billing subsystems. The IVG ensures IP and PSTN network and subscriber integrity by automatically shutting down selected ingress ports from off-network rogue media gateways.

SIP SERVICE INTERWORKING: Extending the SIP-SS7 inter-working of sentitO's Proxy7 Signaling Gateway and IVG, ONX System 3 delivers SIP service interworking capabilities to fulfill service provider requirements and to deliver on the IMS directive to facilitate the access to multiple application servers, including emerging open-source platforms, simultaneously within their network. ONX System 3 allows service providers to create an open "Services Core" of SIP-based application servers and then deliver those services across a distributed network of IVG's and Proxy7's at the network edge. This feature gives service providers control and flexibility in their choice of application server and allows different platforms to specialize in the cost-effective delivery of residential, business, and other VoIP features. In addition, ONX System 3 integrates SIP and XML into a standard inter-working interface to third-party application, billing and session border controller (SBC) platforms to dramatically simplify interoperability testing and reduce time to market.

ADVANCED IP ROUTING: Enhancing the ONX's purpose-built architecture and wire-speed routing capabilities of the IVG, ONX System 3 delivers a foundation for emerging MPLS-based architectures by providing application-aware routing, QoS on flows, as well as weighted fair queuing, content pattern matching, filtering, and label swapping in the IVG hardware to accelerate routing and QoS decisions. These features help to deliver the lowest latency and highest voice quality in the industry today. In addition, ONX System 3 adds stateful transactional routing for trunk groups on the Proxy7 to ensure the simplified inter-working of SIP and AIN subscriber and network services across both PSTN trunks and individual subscriber ports.

Separately, sentitO announced the adoption of ONX System 3 and the ONX suite by Optima Telecom, an emerging multi-national carrier based in Honduras.

sentitO is currently deployed in 10 carrier networks. The company currently has 65 employees.

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