Sunday, August 21, 2005

Pulse~LINK Teams with ADI on HDTV Wireless Links

Pulse~LINK and Analog Devices joined forces to demonstrate a wireless transmission of real-time High Definition video using Ultra Wideband (UWB) communications. The demonstration combines Pulse~LINK's "CWave" UWB wireless technology with ADI's ADV202, a single-chip implementation of the JPEG2000 standard. The companies said their solution is capable of wirelessly delivering cinema quality images in the home when used to provide wireless connectivity between devices such as High Definition Television Displays, Projectors, DVD players, Set-top-boxes, Game Consoles, Digital Recorders, Home Theaters and PC work stations.

Unlike MPEG, that degrades the original source HDTV content during compression, ADI's JPEG2000 is scalable for both mathematically and visually lossless video encoding. Pulse~LINK's CWave UWB offers up to 1 Gbps wireless data rates. Whereas typical MPEG compression used for wireless connectivity today creates noticeable latency, the combination of JPEG2000 and CWave UWB reduces latencies to such an imperceptible level that this delay is effectively nonexistent.

The difference in the way JPEG2000 is encoded offers additional advantages for both improved visual quality and increased transmission range. Inter-frame spatial encoding methods used by MPEG result in wireless data streams that are extremely susceptible to channel errors -- this phenomenon is what often results in artifacts and the "blocky pixelation" viewers sometimes see on digital programming that is MPEG encoded. This type of encoding causes the resulting MPEG data streams to be extremely susceptible to wireless channel errors, requiring significant Forward Error Correction overhead and a very stringent Bit-Error-Rate. MPEG degrades quickly with Bit-Error-Rate (BER), while JPEG2000 is capable of maintaining a quality video stream with BER rates at which MPEG video would be un-viewable.

The joint demonstration, featuring a side-by-side comparison of MPEG and JPEG2000 across Pulse-LINK's UWB wireless link, is taking place this week at the DisplaySearch HDTV Conference in Beverly Hills, California.

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