Monday, August 15, 2005

Peleton releases Laser Generating 96 Wavelengths

Peleton, a start-up based in Ottawa, Canada, announced commercial availability of its multi-wavelength laser source (TM3050C).

The compact, flat-spectrum, high-power laser source generates 96 wavelengths simultaneously on a single output fiber. All of the wavelengths produced by the device are internally locked to the IUT-T grid at a variety of channel spacings. The Peleton multi-wavelength technology is capable of providing wavelength channels in all the L, C and S bands, and it offers locking to specific channel spacings, such as 100GHz or 50GHz. The high scalability and small form factor make it suitable for the optical test and measurement sector.

"The TM3050C is a unique solution not only for verification and testing of optical subsystems, such as amplifiers, optical channel monitors, optical switches and ROADMs, but also for DWDM system verification, dynamic network simulations, multi-wavelength sensing applications and optically steered phased arrays," said Velko Tzolov, vice-president, marketing and sales, Peleton. "We are seeing a growing demand for 50GHz capabilities driven by equipment vendors and service providers that are beginning to think about the future of their networks."

In addition to the laser, Peleton is also offering a 96-channel optical channel controller, which provides accurate attenuation and blocking of individual channels.

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