Sunday, August 28, 2005

MCI Unveils Integrated Security Services Portfolio

MCI introduced its NetSec integrated portfolio of Managed and Professional Security Services spanning MCI's Internet "cloud" network to the enterprise premise "core" infrastructure. The new suite of global services delivers advanced, comprehensive threat intelligence and flexible security management for business and government customers.

MCI said that unlike other point-solution providers, its is the first managed services company to take advantage of a carrier's Internet backbone network and a global managed security services provider's customer infrastructure to deliver end-to-end security protection and management.

As part of its new portfolio, MCI's NetSec Managed Security Services include DDoS detection and mitigation, managed email content security, infrastructure threat monitoring and management for firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention for both network and host environments, vulnerability scanning and incident response. MCI is providing a Web portal for customers to monitor threat activity and navigate security risk within their environment.

MCI's NetSec Professional Security Services help large enterprise customers with complex requirements to identify security risk, set security policy and develop a security strategy. Solutions include a broad range of security assessments from application to wireless to VoIP, security reviews for policy and network architecture, security programs such as application lifecycle management and partner security certification and incident response and forensics.

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