Tuesday, August 2, 2005

Marconi Reports Quarterly Revenue of £285 million

Marconi reported group quarterly revenue £285 million, compared to Q1 revenue of £289 million. Some highlights from Marconi's quarterly report:

  • Strong quarter for sales in APAC region, driven by increased Optical sales to Telstra

  • Reduced Optical and Access sales in Europe

  • Stability in BT and Data Networks revenues

  • Adjusted Gross Margin of 30.2% (Q1 FY05: 32.2%; Q4 FY05: 31.8%)

  • Optical & Access Networks margin were impacted by lower Optical sales and continued pricing pressure

  • Quarter-on-quarter stability in Data Networks and Network Services

  • Adjusted Loss from Operations of £6 million (Q1 FY05: loss of £2 million; Q4 FY05: profit of £21 million)

  • Improved profitability delivered in US Data Networks

  • Book to bill of 1.14 in equipment, driven by UK access orders

Mike Parton, Chief Executive, said "We achieved solid results in the quarter despite a very competitive marketplace. We have seen new wins for our next-generation products with customers such as Cable and Wireless and Vodafone. Our order book is healthy. We are reaffirming our guidance for the year."http://www.marconi.com

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