Sunday, August 14, 2005

Marconi Licenses BorderWare's SIP Firewall for Virtual Presence System

Marconi's Data Networks division will license BorderWare's SIPassure SIP Firewall, which has been optimized for the Marconi ViPr Virtual Presence system. The ViPr SIP Firewall "Powered by BorderWare," will be available as a separate system for existing ViPr customers, as well as new customers who want to benefit from campus-to-campus high-resolution video conferencing and multimedia collaboration across private or public networks.

The companies said that although perimeter firewalls provide basic pinholing, allowing SIP traffic to pass through, they do not provide comprehensive SIP security, and offer no protection at the application layer. Similarly, existing session border controllers (SBCs) provide NAT traversal and port translation capabilities, but do not feature in depth application-layer security. BorderWare's SIPassure SIP Firewall addresses these issues.

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