Monday, August 8, 2005

LeapFrog and Enfora Integrate Kids' Phone with Games

LeapFrog Enterprises, which offers technology-based educational games and learning products, has partnered with Enfora, a provider of wireless solutions, to develop a new "TicTalk" parent-controlled educational cell phone for children.

The parent-controlled TicTalk cell phone, which is aimed at kids ages six and older, can operate on any GSM/GPRS network. To program the phone, parents log onto an easy-to-use Web site and pre-set exactly who the child can call and receive calls from, along with how often, and what hours and days of the week the phone can be used to call certain numbers. It also features speakerphone, voice recorder capabilities, a calendar, to-do list and other tools.

The license agreement and product collaboration between the two companies includes the integration of five popular LeapFrog learning games into the TicTalk cell phone. LeapFrog said the learning games cover more than 400 school skills in first through sixth grade core subject areas -- spelling, math, science and social studies. Kids could be given the ability to earn reward cell phone minutes by playing the LeapFrog learning games, and to share those scores with friends via text messaging.

TicTalk will be priced at $99 with pre-paid phone cards starting at $25 for 100 minutes (expiring 90 days from purchase). There is no activation fee.

"It's no secret that kids are embracing new technologies at earlier and earlier ages, but their product needs are typically very different than older teens or adults," said LeapFrog president Jerry Perez.

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