Sunday, August 28, 2005

eDonkey Surpasses BitTorrent as World's Largest P2P Network

eDonkey 2000 has overtaken BitTorrent to become the world's largest P2P file trading network, according to an updated analysis of worldwide Peer-to-Peer (P2P) traffic from CacheLogic.

While BitTorrent remains extremely popular in Asia
(with the notable exception of South Korea, where 92% of all P2P
traffic is eDonkey), European, North American and Latin American
users have shifted to eDonkey for the vast majority of file trading.

The data for this study was obtained through CacheLogic's Streamsight
Analysis Network Program, which enables analysis based on actual
packet data and traffic levels obtained from ISPs worldwide.

"CacheLogic has noted a significant shift in the balance of traffic
levels associated with the main P2P protocols through our unique
access to actual Web traffic data throughout the world," said Andrew
Parker, Chief Technology Officer for CacheLogic. "Over the last six
months, the traffic levels for the eDonkey protocol have grown to a
level greater than that of BitTorrent. Such file-sharing applications
continue to be the single largest traffic burden on ISP networks."

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