Sunday, August 7, 2005

Devicescape Launches Wireless Operations Center

Devicescape Software introduced a Wireless Operations Center (WOC) software tool for managing and securing WLANs. The software-based Wireless Operations Center, which scales to hundreds of access points and thousands of users, is designed to address the dynamic configuration complexities of highly mobile users, including the unpredictable and constantly changing radio environment, and unauthorized users seeking access. The software could be used by network support staff to obtain a comprehensive picture of network activity and security, and to troubleshoot user connectivity problems. The Devicescape WOC addresses these challenges by providing a highly visual help-desk system to monitor all aspects wireless network services.

Devicescape's WOC help-desk system has already been deployed at NTT-Broadband Platform (NTTBP), a wireless service provider operating hundreds of hotspots throughout the Tokyo metropolitan railway system. With WOC, NTTBP has gained a high-level view of its entire WLAN system and can detect trends that affect network performance before users call to complain.

The WOC is available to Devicescape's OEM customers as a customizable complement to their WLAN product lines. Devicescape will also offer the solution directly to IT managers for deployment as a help desk in their organizations.

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