Wednesday, August 17, 2005

ColorChip Acquires Lambda Crossing's Optics Plant

ColorChip, a manufacturer of glass-based Planer Lightwave Circuit (PLC) chips and modules for fiber optic communications, has acquired Lambda Crossing's plant. The plant - whose operations had ceased about a month ago - together with its equipment, will be used by ColorChip to mass-produce its chips as soon as development has been completed and the company moves to the manufacturing stage.

ColorChip said it is currently in the process of expanding and shifting its focus from development to mass production. The company will ship its first samples of Meteor II FTTx SOG Transceivers for optical network terminals (ONT/ONU) to selected customers later this month. The transceiver is based on ColorChip's SystemOnGlass (SOG) technology -- a mountable glass chip that integrates commercial laser diodes, photodiodes, and a minimum number of other electronic and electro-optic components - using no free space elements whatsoever.

ColorChip is also shipping PLC splitters - based on the company's breakthrough Ion-Exchange process - mainly to the FTTx, CATV, analog and digital PONs markets. These splitters provide today's highest levels of reliability and performance.

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