Monday, August 1, 2005

Cochrane Telephone Replaces Legacy Switch with Metaswitch

Cochrane Cooperative Telephone Company, an independent operator based in Wisconsin, has replaced its legacy Siemens DCO central office switch with a MetaSwitch VP3510 Integrated Softswitch and UC9000 Unified Communications System. Cochrane selected the MetaSwitch with assistance from Finley Engineering, an independent engineering consulting group brought in to ensure strict compliance with the company's technical requirements.

Within Cochrane's network, the MetaSwitch VP3510/UC9000 combination is delivering Class 5 features, including all of the company's existing services, over its existing AFC and Next Level digital loop carriers using the GR-303 protocol. In addition, Cochrane now has the ability to introduce new IP-based services such as Voice over IP, a Web interface for subscribers to control their own calling features, and a "message center" capability combining email, voicemail and faxes into a single unified inbox.

Cochrane Telephone's network upgrade occurred almost a hundred years to the day from its founding in 1905.

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