Tuesday, August 9, 2005

Azure and Narus Team on IP Monitoring and Revenue Assurance

Azure Solutions, a developer of telecom revenue-assurance solutions, has signed a reseller agreement with Narus, a provider of unified IP Management and Security. The agreement brings together both companies' combined IP and revenue-assurance expertise to enable them to provide operators with the capability to bill for usage and identify fraud effectively on their next-generation telecom networks.

The Narus IP Platform captures and analyzes IP traffic in real time across an entire IP network. Combining this with Azure's interconnect, data-integrity (Certo) and fraud-detection capability, operators can now extract information from IP networks to validate billing records and identify fraud on voice and data services.

The companies said their partnership would help operators maximize revenue through the introduction of differential billing for next-generation products and services, as well as the detection of revenue leakage due to fraud and third-party services on their networks. The partnership also complements Azure's next-generation revenue-assurance product portfolio, following the recent launches of Azure Inter-Party Management and the next-generation Azure Fraud Control System.

  • In June 2005, Azure Solutions, a spin-out from BT, raised $15 million in new venture funding for its revenue-assurance solutions. Azure enables service providers to reduce losses and safeguard profits from malicious and unintentional revenue leakage. The company estimates that global operator revenue losses are currently at 10.7% of turnover. This equates to over one hundred billion dollars of lost revenue and this figure is likely to increase with the emergence of next-generation telecoms services and technology. The company's existing customers include tier 1 operators such as BT, KPN, Vodafone, Telenor and Verizon.

  • In July, Narus introduced a VoIP traffic assessment tool based on its unified IP Management and Security platform to help global carriers understand and address the impact of VoIP traffic on their business. The Narus IP Platform provides a total network view of all IP data in a carrier's network, including VoIP traffic. The system offers extensible capabilities to secure, analyze, monitor and mediate any traffic in an IP network, including H.323, SIP, and proprietary VoIP protocols including Skype.

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