Monday, August 22, 2005

Avaya Optimizes SIP Softphone for Intel's Centrino

Avaya will optimize its SIP-based, IP Telephony Softphone for laptop PCs based on the next-generation Intel Centrino mobile technology (code named "Napa"), which will incorporate packet prioritization, bandwidth reservation and call admission control. This will help enable the Avaya Softphone provide consistent quality of service across both wired and wireless networks using industry standards such as 802.11e. As a result, mobile workers will be able to easily link a laptop computer into remote wired and wireless networks, simultaneously run various business applications while using an Avaya Softphone, and experience similar call quality to a desktop phone.

Using the Avaya Softphone in conjunction with Avaya Communication Manager, mobile workers have the same abilities to send and receive calls and access features and directories from computing devices both in and out of the office as they do when using their desktop phone. The Avaya SIP-based Softphone includes presence and Instant Messaging capabilities so a mobile worker can see whether a co-worker is available and use communication alternatives for immediate contact and response.

Intel and Avaya have also agreed to collaborate to improve the integration, control and functionality of Bluetooth devices used in conjunction with the softphone.

The collaboration, announced at Intel's Developer Forum in support of Intel's Digital Office initiative, will help enhance softphone performance and reliability when several computer programs are running at once.

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