Tuesday, August 16, 2005

America Online Debuts AIM Enhancements

America Online unveiled new AIM.com home page and redesigned AIM Today companion screen. The company has also begun rolling out a system-wide upgrade of the AIM 5.9 service that will introduce the new AIM Today and deliver the AOL Explorer browser as an optional feature for AIM users.

"The AIM service has become the front door to more than 43 million Americans' social networks," said Bill Schreiner, vice president, Programming for America Online.

Some of the features of the new AIM.com home page and AIM Today companion screen include:

  • One-click access to AIM. It also includes the free, Web-based AIM Mail service, which lets AIM users use their AIM Screen Name as an e-mail address and offers industry-leading spam and e-mail virus protection plus two gigabytes of storage.

  • AIM Blogs, which supports photo blogging; 40 interactive AIM Games, and approximately 4,000 AIM Expressions.

  • A wide array of instant messaging robots ('bots') that allow users to interact, play and get essential information updates in real time. This season's hottest bots include the "MLB" Buddy for Major League Baseball stats, scores and updates, and the "MillionaireIM" bot, which lets users help stumped contestants as a part of the "Ask the Audience" lifeline on the syndicated "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?" show from Buena Vista Television.

  • Access to the full range of AOL.com programming and interactive features, including pre-set and on-demand content from AOL News, AOL Music, AOL Television, AOL Radio, Moviefone and more.

  • A unique "LiveWeb" feature that surfaces what's hot on the Web in real-time so that users always know what people are gravitating toward online and talking about across the blogosphere.

  • A full range of AOL Search services

  • One-click access to the AIM Music Interview of the Week

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