Thursday, July 28, 2005

Vodafone Italy Deploys Marconi Optical Systems

Marconi announced the deployment of two optical line systems from the Italian mainland to the island of Sardinia for Vodafone Italy.

Vodafone Italy has deployed two links using Marconi's Multihaul 3000 photonic technology. The links have been specifically customised for submarine installations and will connect Sardinia's transport network to the rest of Italy. The first of the two links, which has been operational since May 2005, connects Civitavecchia, Lazio, to Olbia, Sardinia, over a distance of more than 280 km.

The second link connects Cagliari, Sardinia, to Mazara del Vallo, Sicily, over a distance of more than 370 km and was activated at the end of June 2005. The second link represents an important success for Marconi because it is a technological world first in terms of length and attenuation over a single span with non-amplified passive fibre, thus eliminating the need for costly regeneration.

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