Sunday, July 10, 2005

Verizon Adds E911 for VoIP Users in NYC

Verizon began supporting E911 capability for its VoiceWing Broadband Phone Service in New York City. VoiceWing customers in the city who have properly registered their service address with VoiceWing will have their 911 calls delivered over a dedicated network to the Enhanced 911 system. The system automatically provides emergency response operators with the VoiceWing callers' telephone numbers, names and service addresses.

As previously announced, Verizon is also enabling other VoIP providers in New York City to offer E911 service to their customers. The New York City solution allows VoIP companies and their vendors to route VoIP customer calls to the NYC public safety answering points using the established E911 system, which currently supports wireline and wireless carriers.

The E911 service is not currently available to VoiceWing customers in all locations nationwide.

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