Sunday, July 31, 2005

TelTel Opens Network for SIP-based Applications/Services

TelTel, a provider of SIP-based global Internet telephony with presence-enabled features, announced the availability of a new Public SIP Telephone Network (PsipTN). While maintaining an interface with the PSTN, the PsipTN powered by TelTel is designed to enable a new generation of SIP-based applications and services, and create new revenue opportunities for service providers and application developers. Unlike a traditional PSTN that only handles voice traffic, the new SIP-based virtual network is capable of carrying voice, multimedia, and audio/video content.

TelTel is also using the SIP protocol to enable TelTel users, service providers, application developers, and product vendors to join together to take advantage of SIP capabilities to enable communication and commerce. The new platform provides numerous commerce and co-branding opportunities such as customizable softphones and web pages, billing, call center, and provisioning applications, as well as information/entertainment media channels for devices and services. For example, an Internet service provider can offer customers VoIP calls under their own brand and use PsipTN to route the calls and provide billing services. Additionally, vendors can offer their customers TelTel Ready handsets and personalized ring tones.

TelTel said that by taking advantage of the open SIP standard, new value-added services and products would be regularly available to its growing community.


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