Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Telefónica Reaches 4.0 million Retail ADSL Lines

As of 30-June-2005, the Telefónica Group was serving 4.0 million retail ADSL lines in Spain, Latin America and the Czech Republic, an increase of +57.6% over last year. Telefónica's retail ADSL accesses in Spain rose to 2.3 million (+41.8% vs. June 2004), representing an estimated market share of 54.1% of the total broadband market. In Latin America, retail ADSL accesses stood at 1.7 million and grew by 70.9% over the same period last year, highlighting Telesp, with almost one million ADSL access lines (exceeded during July).

Telefónica Moviles reported strong growth across all its markets. Net adds were of 5.4 million for the quarter vs. more than 3 million in January-March of 2005, bringing its managed customer base to 86.5 million. Of the total customer base, 63.7 million corresponded to the Latin American operators, 19.4 million to Telefónica Moviles España and more than 3.4 million to Medi Telecom.

Revenues for the first half of 2005 amounted to EUR 17.359 billion , 20.0% higher than the same period in 2004. Revenues from Spain represented 55.4% of consolidated revenues, a decrease of a 6.8 percentage points over the same period in 2004. In turn, the contribution from Latin America increased to 40.6% (33.0% a year ago) due to the acquisition of the BellSouth Latin American operators. Brazil maintains its revenue contribution up to 17.4%.

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