Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Telecom Italia Rolls out IPTV with Alcatel, Microsoft and Pirelli

Telecom Italia has begun free trials of its new IPTV service in Rome, Milan, Bologna and Palermo, and said it remains on track to launch commercial services in 21 cities across the country this autumn. The commercial service will feature live TV, including Serie A TIM and B TIM Italian football, top Italian basketball, a VOD library of 600 films plus 30 new films per month, reality shows and other special events. Initially, the IPTV service will be delivered over 4 Mbps ADSL connections on Telecom Italia's network.

Key technology partners include:

  • Alcatel, which is supplying ADSL access devices and its Open Media Suite set top box video entertainment TV distribution platform.

  • Microsoft, which is providing its Microsoft TV IPTV Edition software

  • Pirelli Broadband Solutions, which is supplying intelligent modular routers for home networking, including multiple high-speed Internet connections, VoIP and Wi-Fi via the set top box.

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