Monday, July 4, 2005

TANDBERG Acquires Ivigo, Targeting Video to 3G Phones

TANDBERG has acquired Ivigo, a leading provider of interactive multimedia video applications and a developer of video services for 3G mobile phones, for an undisclosed sum. TANDBERG said the acquisition is part of its strategy "to make visual communications accessible everywhere."

Ivigo, which is a division of TNO, the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research, provides scalable solutions for 3G mobile operators, video service providers and enterprises for visual communication between 3G mobile users. The Ivigo team has also developed a video gateway that, combined with TANDBERG's Expressway technology for traversing network firewalls, allows 3G mobile phone users to reach any group or personal video system from anywhere. For example, a 3G mobile phone user can fully participate in a video meeting between a supplier and a coworker that are connected using the Internet. The 3G video gateway will be the first product resulting from the acquisition, and be sold to 3G mobile operators, video service providers and enterprises.

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