Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Taiwan's Chunghwa Telecom Launches 3G with Nokia

Chunghwa Telecom launched its 3G service in Taiwan using a WCDMA 3G network deployed by Nokia. Among the 3G services that Chunghwa will offer are 3G video call, 3G movie/TV channel and "Music station" entertainment services. Nokia served as the sole 3G network supplier to Chunghwa. Nokia provided Chunghwa with both 3G core and radio-access network equipment, including RNC, UltraSite, and MetroSite base stations as well as operator and care services. Chunghwa is Nokia's one of the world's first customers to implement 3GPP Rel'4 architecture.

Nokia has been working with Chunghwa Telecom since 1999, having supplied the operator's GPRS core network, multimedia messaging solution (MMS) and ADSL in addition to the WCDMA system.


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