Monday, July 18, 2005

SupportSoft Joins Broadband Services Forum

SupportSoft has joined the Broadband Services Forum (BSF) as a Principal Member to support future initiatives surrounding IPTV and interactive next-generation broadband services.

The mission of the Broadband Service Forum is to address the fundamental business and technology issues that are vital to the future success of the broadband industry.

Making it Work

by Derek
, Chairman of the BSF
market window for value-added broadband services is open, but video is not
a business for the uncommitted or inexperienced player. Cable companies
have had years of experience in acquiring and delivering content to
subscribers and have had several years' experience in developing their
pay-per-view (PPV) - and in some cases VOD - businesses while they
converted their networks to two-way to support high-speed Internet (HSI)
services. Time-to-market can be significantly shortened by leveraging
installed assets and partnering with suppliers who have demonstrated
experience in implementing video and other broadband entertainment
infrastructures. Here is what you need.

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