Saturday, July 23, 2005

Sprint Offers Mobile Business Assessment

Sprint is launching a Mobile Business Assessment service to help businesses better understand how the power of mobility can help them achieve their overall objectives.

Sprint said its Mobile Business Assessment provides businesses with actionable roadmaps aligning mobility strategies with business objectives as well as defining a vendor-agnostic technology deployment plan. The detailed assessment combines business process review with an analysis of mobile technology in order to better use current assets and utilize innovative new approaches to mobile productivity and connectivity. This four to eight week engagement consists of three consultative stages:

  • Data collection - employee interviews, second- and third-party research

  • Mobility analysis - equipment/software audits, access and policy evaluations

  • Strategy development - actionable roadmap of tactical mobility initiatives

"Mobility is a strategic element of business today because it can impact key areas of business - customer acquisition and loyalty, revenue growth through new products and services and cost efficiency while maximizing return on investment," said Kenny Wyatt, vice president of integrated solutions, Sprint Business Solutions.

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