Thursday, July 21, 2005

Sandbridge Unveils Software-Radio 3G Processor

Sandbridge Technologies, a start-up based in White Plains, New York, announced a complete "3G" multimedia handset design utilizing its SB3010 flexible baseband processor to perform all baseband and multimedia functions in software.

The company described its achievement as the "wireless holy grail" -- a flexible baseband processing handset that will enable wireless operators to upgrade network performance and services via over-the-air updates. Sandbridge envisions a new class of multi-mode, multimedia convergent devices that merge the flexibility and performance of PC's with the form and convenience of mobile handhelds.

Sandbridge's SB3010 platform departs from dedicated baseband hardware by allowing manufacturers to create, test, modify and execute their designs entirely in software. The company provides programming tools and a supercomputer class "C" compiler. The software flexibility accommodates adaptation to evolving wireless standards, emerging network requirements like MIMO, and diverse audio and video formats.

The SB3010 baseband processor utilizes Sandbridge's "Sandblaster" DSPs with an ARM926 to deliver 10 billion MACs of converged DSP performance. The processor can run virtually any radio protocol such as GSM/GPRS, EDGE, W-CDMA, CDMA2000, 1xEV-DO, TD-SCDMA, WiFi and GPS-as well as multimedia formats like MPEG-4 H.264, MP-3, WMA and others. Sandbridge is also developing HSDPA, WiMax and DMB/DVB solutions as an upgrade to the platform.

Sandbridge said its design is currently being sampled to select top-tier manufacturing customers.

  • Sandbridge is headed by CEO & President Guenter Weinberger who joined the company from Infineon Technologies. Sandbridge's technical team is led by founders John Glossner, Ph.D., and Mayan Moudgill, Ph.D., , who were previously with IBM. The company is based in White Plains, New York.

  • Sandbrige has raised $40 million in venture funding to date.

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