Monday, July 25, 2005

Nominum Moves its DNS Servers onto IBM's BladeCenter

Nominum will begin offering its carrier grade DNS and DHCP servers on IBM's eServer BladeCenter systems. Nominum is offering three solutions for service providers on the IBM BladeCenter platform:

  • Nominum Foundation Authoritative Name Server, for hosting organizations that require always-on DNS for high volume/low latency networks. This server provides performance for applications such as ENUM for VoIP or IP Multimedia Subsystems (IMS) networks.

  • Nominum Foundation Caching Name Server, for broadband Internet providers. This solution also offers integrated load balancing and scalability benefits while additionally allowing for the integration of new solutions for serving and growing different subscriber bases.

  • Nominum Foundation Caching Name Server and Nominum Foundation Dynamic Configuration Server, a modular approach for service providers to deploy the required DNS and DHCP functionality to new and existing Points of Presence (POP).


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