Tuesday, July 26, 2005

NetCentrex to Acquire NeoTIP for Session Border Controllers

NetCentrex agreed to acquire NeoTIP, a privately-held developer of
session border controllers, for an undisclosed sum.

NeoTIP, which is based in Lannion, France, offers a range of Session Border Controllers (SBCs) used in carrier networks. The company said claims more than 30,000 ports have been deployed to perform security and protocol translation for telephony and videoconference services in the network of a major European incumbent operator. International customer references include Telecom Brazil and Telecom Chile.

NetCentrex said the acquisition of NeoTIP would accelerate its product strategy. New network architectures such as IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) and TISPAN (Telecoms & Internet converged Services & Protocols for Advanced Networks) specify an elaborate network access layer for solving security, interoperability and QoS issues, opening up a new market for network access control devices. NeoTIP's SBCs provide the technology for both fixed and mobile networks.

NeoTIP's technology will be folded into Netcentrex IMS developments and in particular the P-CSCF (Proxy Call Session Control Function) component. It will also add new features to existing SBC functionality provided by the Netcentrex Business Services Suite and IP Trunking offerings, enhancing interoperability with IP-PBXs and adding security without increased complexity.

NetCentrex is based in Paris.

  • Neotip was founded in June 2003 by a team that previously worked for France Telecom Research and Development laboratories.

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