Sunday, July 24, 2005

Narus Provides VoIP Traffic Assessment Tool

Narus introduced a VoIP traffic assessment tool based on its unified IP Management and Security platform to help global carriers understand and address the impact of VoIP traffic on their business.

The Narus IP Platform provides a total network view of all IP data in a carrier's network, including VoIP traffic. The system offers extensible capabilities to secure, analyze, monitor and mediate any traffic in an IP network, including H.323, SIP, and proprietary VoIP protocols including Skype.

Narus said it has deployed VoIP detection at several carriers already, producing startling results. One carrier determined that 15% of calls a day bypassed their traditional network causing a significant impact on revenue. Using Narus, this carrier recovered its losses by mitigating the traffic and passing information to the billing system to bill subscribers for the network usage.

As a result of several successful pilot implementations, Narus is initiating a VoIP business analysis program. The program will provide carriers with the information to determine the financial impact VoIP traffic has on the network. In addition, system integrator partners will offer a mediation implementation service, enabling carriers to realize revenue from all IP traffic.

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