Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Industry Reaction to Ensign Bill

Verizon: "We applaud Senator Ensign for introducing legislation to bring our communications laws into the 21st century. The Ensign bill puts consumers first by enabling people to choose from the expanding array of choices made possible by changes in technology and the marketplace. This bill recognizes that the world has changed and consumer driven markets work better than those managed by the government." Peter B. Davidson, Verizon senior vice president for federal government relations.

BellSouth: "The Ensign proposal would bring telecommunications law up to date so that consumers can make their own decisions in the marketplace free of the heavy hand of government. When enacted this bill will enhance the deployment of broadband, bring more jobs and investment. It will speed the deployment of competitive video services and provide, at last, vibrant competition in video. Technology will flourish and consumers will be the winners. This legislation will need a companion bill on universal service to complete the package." Herschel Abbott, BellSouth vice president Governmental Affairs.

NCTA: "We commend Sen. Ensign for crafting legislation that seeks to promote competition and innovation and treats like services alike. Consumers benefit when market forces are allowed to work and all providers, regardless of technology, can compete in the marketplace without government policies that pick winners and losers. While there are specific provisions we would want to work on with Senator Ensign, this is an important and constructive step forward." Kyle McSlarrow, National Cable and Telecommunications Association, President & CEO

TIA: "As the information and communications technology industry continues to rapidly evolve, TIA especially supports the goal of establishing a firm foundation that is forward-looking in encouraging competition, investment, innovation and the deployment of next-generation technologies across all segments of the industry. We look forward to examining the proposed legislation in detail and commit to working with Senator Ensign and all of his colleagues in both chambers of Congress to ensure any final telecom reform legislation that emerges is built on these principles and establishes a national framework of limited regulatory oversight of the competitive and converging broadband communications marketplace." Matthew J. Flanigan, President, Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA)

CEA: "The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) commends Senator Ensign for introducing the Broadband Consumer Choice Act of 2005. This bill stands as pro-technology legislation that will advance the deployment of innovative broadband communications services. This comprehensive legislation will remove regulatory barriers and encourage investment in new communication and IP-enabled services. We strongly believe that a free-market approach will spur a revolution of new and competitive voice, data and video services. Under this bill, society will benefit from more competition and real choices in broadband. CEA believes that with intense competition and standard interfaces consumers will see new services and devices similar to when manufacturers were freed to offer choices from the standard black rotary telephone. " Gary Shapiro, President and CEO of the Consumer Electronics Association.


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