Thursday, July 21, 2005

Cisco/Linksys to Acquire KISS for Networked Consumer Devices

Cisco Systems' Linksys division agreed to acquire privately-held KiSS Technology A/S, a developer of networked entertainment devices, for approximately $61 million in cash and stock.

KiSS, which is based in Horsholm, Denmark, has a product portfolio that includes home video products such as networked DVD players and networked DVD recorders. KiSS's technology platform also has the capability to extend to other consumer electronics products.

KISS recently introduced an IPTV set-top box which is compatible with Windows Media content. The product is already marketed via Denmark's first broadband TV channel, TV-2 Sputnik, for viewing content over an ADSL connection. The KiSS MediaMate works in both standard-definition and high-definition streaming, and will also be certified to Microsoft's PlaysForSure program. The MediaMate is equipped with a 802.11g connection. It uses the same chip technology from Sigma Designs as KiSS Technology's other DVD-players and hard disk recorders.

The compact MediaMate is based on the same chip technology from Sigma Designs as KiSS Technology's other DVD-players and hard disk recorders. T

Linksys plans continue to support and sell KiSS's existing products in Europe. Over time Linksys also plans to develop a suite of targeted products for other world markets.

KiSS was founded in 1994 and has 65 employees.

The deal represents Cisco's second acquisition for its Linksys division.

"As more and more entertainment content is delivered over the Internet and as consumers demand access to digital entertainment inside and outside of their home networks, networked entertainment devices will become an integral part of Consumer Electronics," said Charles Giancarlo, Cisco Chief Technology Officer and Cisco-Linksys president.

  • In April 2005, Cisco Systems' Linksys division agreed to acquire Sipura, a start-up offering VoIP customer premise equipment technology, for approximately $68 million in cash and options. Sipura is a key technology provider for Linksys' current line of VoIP networking devices. Sipura's technology is incorporated in VoIP adapters (including those integrated into home routers and gateways) and a multi-line IP phone for the consumer and SOHO market. The company is based in San Jose, California.

Cisco Systems' 2005 Acquisitions

KiSS Technology A/S networked entertainment devices $61 million
July 05
deep packet processing

$30 million

June 05
I. Secure Corporation
and VPN solutions

$13 million

June 05

Bandwidth optimization appliances

$70 million

May 05
Sipura VoIP
customer premise equipment

Apr 05
networking equipment designed for grid and utility computing

Apr 05
Airespace WLAN
controllers, Access Points, WLAN Management and Location Software,
and Security capabilities

Jan 05

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