Tuesday, July 12, 2005

CBS to Launch Broadband 24-Hour News Network

CBS News announced plans to launch 24-hour, multi-platform digital news network, bypassing cable television in favor of broadband distribution. The company said its strategy is to move from a primarily television and radio news-based operation to a 24-hour, on-demand news service, available across many platforms. The new CBSNews.com will feature an on-page video player showcasing the free broadband video, including over 25,000 clips -- and video yet to be broadcast on the network.

CBS said its projections indicate that homes connected to broadband will equal or surpass homes serviced by cable and satellite by 2010.

"This major expansion of CBSNews.com is designed to capture an audience that is increasingly looking for news and information at all times of the day, not just during scheduled periods, and using the Internet for that purpose," said Larry Kramer, President, CBS Digital Media.

The new CBSNews.com site will also feature the debut of "Public Eye," a blog aimed at creating a candid and robust dialogue between CBS News journalists and the public.http://viacom.com/

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