Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Aware Announces Adoption of its StratiPHY-Bonded ADSL2+ Technology

Aware announced that both Comtrend and Netopia have selected Analog Devices' "Fusiv" network processor and new ADSL2+ bonding reference platform, which are based upon Aware's intellectual property, for their next-generation residential gateways.

Loop bonding technology provides the means for combining multiple ADSL2+ connections together into a single, aggregated connection, even if they have different capacities. StratiPHY- Bonded is a complete instantiation of the ITU-T G.998.1 (G.bond-ATM) bonding standard which consists of bonding logic and management software to support two-pair bonding of ADSL2+ lines for data rates up to 48 Mbps downstream.

Analog Devices' standard-compliant bonded platform was developed in tandem with Aware and combines ADI's Fusiv network processors and two field- proven EaglePlus ADSL2+ PHY devices, which are based on Aware's StratiPHY2+ and StratiPHY-Bonded intellectual property, to achieve bonded link rates of up to 48Mbps.

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