Sunday, July 24, 2005

2Wire Adds FTTN and FTTP Gateways

2Wire began shipping two new lines of residential gateways aimed at high-bandwidth triple play applications such as high definition video-on-demand and IPTV over FTTN and FTTP deployments.

2Wire's HomePortal 3000 series residential gateway supports fiber to the node (FTTN) with its integrated VDSL modem, and the HomePortal 300 series supports fiber to the premises (FTTP). Both versions support multimedia coaxial networking within the home, for distribution of bandwidth-intensive HD video, over existing coaxial cables. Built-in QoS gives service providers a tool for traffic analysis and edge policy enforcement, including secure 802.1x authentication, and the ability to establish general traffic policy and priorities.

Both new gateways also feature an integrated high powered HyperG) 802.11g wireless access point, professional grade firewall, advanced automatic wireless security, and an intelligent service delivery platform with gateway remote control. The gateways are also VoIP-ready, featuring two integrated digital phone lines, and include a USB 2.0 host port, enabling the addition of powerful networking options such as network-attached storage and network printers.

The HomePortal 3000 and 300 series are compliant with the DSL Forum's TR-068 and TR-069 industry standards, which establish criteria for industrial design and remote management capabilities. The products can be remotely managed with the 2Wire Component Management System (CMS).

"The telecom subscriber's broadband experience will completely change with the build-out of high speed fiber networks," said Brian Sugar, 2Wire's VP of marketing.

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