Monday, June 20, 2005

Voltaire Supports Double Date Rate Infiniband for Up to 60 Gbps Bandwidth

Voltaire announced support for double data rate (DDR) InfiniBand technology that delivers up to 60 Gbps bandwidth without compromising the low latency and CPU utilization of standard InfiniBand.

DDR InfiniBand-based solutions offer twice the bandwidth of current InfiniBand solutions for both switch-to-switch applications as well as connectivity to computing resources. DDR uses the same number of cables. DDR InfiniBand solutions are backward-compatible and fully interoperate with existing 10 Gbps InfiniBand fabrics. The technology is especially aimed at compute- and I/O-intensive applications in cluster or grid-based networks.

Voltaire's family of grid interconnect solutions consists of DDR-ready switch hardware and software based on InfiniBand technology. Voltaire multi-service switches offer integrated InfiniBand, GbE and Fibre Channel connectivity for legacy connectivity requirements. Voltaire expects to ship DDR capabilities in its ISR 9096 and ISR 9288 modular switches in early Q4 2005.

"The prospect of combining high port count switches with DDR InfiniBand is a necessity for organizations building large clusters and grids," said Stephen Poole, Advanced Architectures Team, Los Alamos National Laboratories. "The arrival of DDR solutions marks a new standard of performance and manageability for building and scaling out large clusters of thousands of nodes."

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