Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Telewest Upgrades Head-Ends with Cisco's GigE

Telewest, the UK cable broadband communications and media group, is upgrading 14 regional head-ends and 64 hub sites to Gigabit Ethernet, using Cisco 7609 Series routers at its regional head-ends and hub sites, with integrated DWDM pluggable optics. The upgrade provides a highly-resilient dual 10Gbps capacity network to support its distributed TVOD service deployment. The Cisco 7609 Series routers with Supervisor Engine 720 comprises the multiservice edge platform for TVOD services, Layer 2 and Layer 3 VPNs and Cable Modem Termination Systems (CMTS) aggregation, together with Cisco Catalyst 6748 and 6704 Ethernet line cards with Distributed Forwarding Cards to create a high performance and scalable Gigabit Ethernet infrastructure.

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