Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Sun Highlights Telecom Features of Solaris 10

Sun Microsystems certified its Netra server line of telecom hardware for the Solaris 10 OS. Additionally, more than 50 telecom software and hardware partners have announced support for Solaris 10.

Sun recently made the source code to Solaris available at under the Common Development and Distribution License (CDDL). This OSI approved open source license allows network equipment providers (NEP's) to safely develop innovative new solutions for distribution under their own terms. Solaris 10 is indemnified by Sun, providing its customers and partners with patent, copyright and trademark infringement protection.

Sun said more than 50 hardware and software partners in the telecom industry have announced support for Solaris 10. These include: AC Corporation, Adax, Appium, AsiaInfo Technologies (China) Inc., BOCO Inter-Telecom, Cntomorrow, DigitalChina, Flextronics Software Systems (FSS), Hurray! Times, Infozech Software Ltd., jNETx, Jaatayu Software, Kabira Technologies, Lenovo, LHS Telekom GmbH & Co. KG, Longshine, Metarnet, Mpathix, Neusoft, NMS Communications, Object Computing, Inc., Open Cloud, Poson, Pronto Networks, Runway, Shanghai Ideal, Sleepycat Software, Subex Systems, Syndesis, TransNexus, Ubiquity, UshaComm, Ulticom, Veraz Networks, VoiceGenie, Wayout, Xbell, ZCXC, Zhongyin-Unihub, and Zznode.

For example, Veraz Networks plans to adopt the Solaris 10 Operating System for its next generation ControlSwitch product. Veraz has started testing Solaris 10's advanced telecom features including Solaris Containers, Predictive Self Healing, and Dynamic Tracing (DTrace). Veraz said the nearly a dozen distinct software elements in its ControlSwitch map to functional IMS components are deployed across multiple SUN servers. Solaris Containers can increase the flexibility of ControlSwitch software element deployment combinations and thus facilitate network planning, design, and network and service traffic expansion.

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