Monday, June 6, 2005

Spirent Rolls Out Triple Play Test Scenarios

Spirent Communications has enhanced its approach to assuring QoS for Triple Play services, including the launch of 20 new test scenarios. The new test scenarios are divided into the following areas:

Infrastructure Testing

  • Ethernet Aggregation Router

  • BRAS / BBNG Capacity / Performance

  • IPTV End-to-End

  • DSLAM IPTV with Simulated Video

  • Voice and Video Interactions on Residential Applications

  • CPE & Access Link Performance

  • Resilient Packet Ring testing

  • Core Router Testing

Applications & Security Testing - (RTP or MPEG, WM9)
  • Streaming - Internet Server

  • Streaming -- Aware Devices

  • Complete Streaming Infrastructure

  • Streaming -- DSLAM IPTV

Applications & Security Testing - (SIP / H.323)
  • Video Telephony

  • Service Rollout

  • Time Varying Network Impairment

Services Management
  • Service Performance Diagnostics

  • Service Performance Monitoring

  • Service Provisioning

  • Field Testing IP

  • Carrier Ethernet

Spirent's triple play solutions incorporate a broad suite of test systems for lab and pre-deployment testing (Avalanche, Abacus 5000, AX/4000, Spirent Converged Network Impairment Emulator, mAXSLAM, TestCenter), as well as post deployment and service (SmartSight BRTU, SmartSight QoS Scope, SmartSight Performance Module, SmartSight Diagnostic Assistants).

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