Sunday, June 12, 2005

SIRIUS Implements Hierarchical Modulation to Boost Capacity

SIRIUS Satellite Radio will implement a proprietary hierarchical modulation to increase the total network capacity of its satellite media delivery network by approximately 25%. The technology will allow SIRIUS to offer additional audio channels, as well as advanced services such as data and video, without affecting the quality of its broadcasts.

The modulation technology, developed by SIRIUS' Advanced Development Team based in Lawrenceville, NJ, will work over SIRIUS' current network, with minimal upgrades to its satellite uplink and terrestrial repeater infrastructure. SIRIUS is currently working with its silicon partners to integrate the modulation into its chipsets. The company said it has confirmed the performance of the technology in several tests.

SIRIUS said the new modulation technology will not impact the customer experience of existing SIRIUS radios sold or currently on the market. Future SIRIUS radios will be outfitted with the new technology, making it possible for them to receive the additional services planned.

"Our new modulation technology will use a very innovative approach to increase the number of bits we transmit through our satellite and terrestrial repeater networks, enabling us to increase the effective use of our currently licensed spectrum to add additional programming for the benefit of our subscribers," said Jim Meyer, SIRIUS President, Sales and Operations.

The company expects to begin offering services using the new technology in the second-half of 2006.

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