Sunday, June 26, 2005

NewStep Targets Fixed-Mobile Convergence with IMS

NewStep Networks, a spin-out from Bell Canada that was established in January 2003, unveiled its suite of IMS-compliant software-based applications to enable carriers to derive revenue from the convergence of fixed and mobile networks. NewStep's technology operates at the signaling layer, facilitating standards-based integration with legacy TDM/SS7 networks, IP/SIP networks and enterprise communication software and IP PBX implementations. The solution enables carriers to establish and retain control of calls across IP and TDM, wireless and wireline, service provider and enterprise networks. On the wireless side, it supports either GSM or CDMA-based networks.

NewStep said fixed-mobile convergence would expand the addressable market for the service provider, enabling them to offer a seamless service to enterprises, where users could choose to take/make calls from their desk or via their mobile phone. Calls would be trunked through the corporate PBX wherever possible and future applications would be insulated from the underlying network technology. Fixed-Mobile Convergence also promises a new wave of residential services

NewStep Networks Converged Call Management (CCM) solution includes four software elements:

  • Mobile Call Handoff - Automatically switches calls between cellular and Wi-Fi services as dual-mode handsets move in and out of coverage areas. Additionally, it automatically recovers calls from lost Wi-Fi connections.

  • Mobile Call Pickup - Allows subscribers to easily transfer incoming and active calls from ordinary cell phones to desktop IP phones.

  • Automatic Call Reconnect - Holds and recovers active calls as subscribers pass through cellular dead spots to improve quality of experience for cellular subscribers.

  • Mobile Call Director - Supports enterprise directory-based call initiation, screening and disposition with easy-to-use mobile and desktop user interfaces, enabling a consistent set of services across the mobile and fixed subscribers in the network.

The integrated session-based billing supports detailed tracking of calls as they move from one network to another, making it easier for service providers to reconcile and charge for usage across multiple networks.
http://www.newstep.comNewStep is headed by Neil Baimel, who previously served as Chairman and CEO of Syndesis, a company he co-founded and grew to a leader in service fulfillment software solutions. The company's technical team is headed by Lloyd Williams, who previously worked at Bell Canada where he conducted research to invent the core technology that forms the basis of NewStep's Calling Service Node software. At Bell Canada, he served in a variety of management roles in network planning and technology .

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