Monday, June 6, 2005

Netrake Scales its Session Manager to 7.2M BHCA

Netrake launched a new session manager designed for scaling VoIP networks using a centralized signaling control plane based architecture. The control plane based architecture provides a single entry point into the network and allows service providers to improve overall network management.

Netrake said its new nCite SM Session Manager would allow service providers to scale their networks to reach new levels of service in their primary sites necessary for the anticipated growth in traffic for VoIP services. The nCite SM when deployed in conjunction with clusters of Netrake's session controllers sets the benchmark for the industry in terms of concurrent sessions and firewall NAT traversals. The nCite session manager will provide up to 2,000 call set ups per second that will allow service providers to scale their network to over 7.2 million BHCA and reach equivalent PSTN capacity levels using IP.

Netrake is currently working with multiple customers in the Carrier IP peering and Residential market segments to implement a control plane based architecture to front end their existing session controller infrastructure. This architecture will place the nCite SM as the focal point for initial inbound signaling traffic that will then route to the appropriate session controller for call processing and control. This nCite SM will provide the following capabilities: self-aware load balancing across multiple session controllers, hardware based DoS protection, priority based routing, and carrier level redundancy and failover.

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