Monday, June 6, 2005

Netrake Offers Security Gateway for GSM-to-WiFi Services

Netrake introduces its nCite Security Gateway designed to address the security requirements of wireless carriers, specifically GSM networks, looking to extend capabilities into unlicensed mobile access or 802.xx networks.

Netrake said its new nCite Security Gateway supports a pre-IMS market opportunity that has the opportunity to enable 30-50 million VoIP endpoints by 2008. A key enabler of this expansion is the multimode handset, which combines a GSM phone and a VoIP endpoint. The VoIP endpoint requires a security association to the core network in order to preserve privacy, integrity and assurance. The Netrake Security Gateway provides this security association for both signaling and media using IPSec encryption.

The nCite Security Gateway offers multi-layer security management between user endpoints, network elements and carrier networks. These include:

  • Network Layer Security Association (IPSec)

  • Application Layer Security Association (TLS)

  • Session Layer Security Association (SBC)

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